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Owners at Work

Sep 23, 2020

It is well known within the employee ownership community that employee-owned companies do better in times of crisis compared to conventionally owned companies. However, this not a law of gravity, it is the result of countless actions taken by and processes created within employee-owned firms. In this episode we speak with five experts in the field of employee ownership and look at what actions ESOPs can take in this current economic environment to ensure that they make it to the other end of this crisis. The discussions are wide ranging and focus on legal issues for distressed companies, employee engagement and communication, trustee relationships, managing your capital position, forming good relationships with banks and other financial partners, and current trends among existing employee-owned companies.


  • Chelsea Mikula:
  • Dale Vlasek:
  • Eric Zaleski:                  
  • Cathy Ivancic:
  • Corey Rosen: