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Owners at Work

Oct 5, 2020

In this episode we speak with six experts in the field of employee ownership about how to approach 'regular' operations that all ESOPs must undertake while at the same time keeping an eye on planning for the long term. The discussions, which are adapted from our Annual Conference Short Take videos, focus on ESOP processes and procedures, sustainability, and more. We talk about valuations and preparation strategies, the role of third party administrators, how to best approach repurchase obligations, the evolving concept of ESOP sustainability, what  ESOP sustainability studies are, and how to put them into action.


  • Pete Shuler, Crowe LLP:
  • Nick Adamy, Adamy Valuation:
  • Nick Sypniewski, Comstock Advisors:
  • Tom DeSimone, Prairie Capital Advisors:
  • Tim Jamison , Prairie Capital Advisors:
  • Tina Dicroce, Chartwell:


We are always looking to hear from those in the employee-ownershup community and are happy to help highlight your story and bring it to a larger audience. Email us at 


The interviews in this episode are adapted from video interviews that can be accessed here: